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Each week (typically Mondays), we will feature a crafter that has been a part of the Giving Artfully community.

This week, we would like to introduce you to Bernadette, who resides in British Columbia.  She has knitted and sewed over 50 items for projects including Knots of Love, ConKerr Cancer, Marine Corps Kids and Kids Cancer Connection.  Thank you Bernadette for your gracious gifts that we know are greatly appreciated.

Feature Crafter:  Bernadette (British Columbia, Canada)


How long have you been crafting and what inspired you to start?
I have been crafting pretty much my entire life. My mom was an uber crafter and I used to craft with her and just picked things up as we went. But I only started knitting about 4 years ago.
Favorite type of crafting and some of your favorite projects
I love trying new mediums but sewing and knitting are my favorite. I would say that knitting toques is my favorite cause they knit up so fast and I feel like the more I can make the more of a difference I can make.
When and why did you start charity crafting?
I only started crafting for charity at the beginning of this year with the discovery of Giving Artfully and Knots of Love. My mother died when I was quite young from cancer but I remember her having a wonderful hat collection and I wanted to help other people who were possibly in her situation and its sort if just spiraled out from there.
What is your favorite part of charity crafting?
I love knowing that I am making a difference in one persons life. If one of my creations has made someone smile then I am a happy camper.
Thank you Bernadette for all your gracious gifts.  You have definitely made a difference in many lives.
Bibs for Marine Corps Kids

Bibs made by Bernadette for Marine Corps Kids