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We had our April Charity Crafting night last week at the Oak Park Main Library..  Audrey had a great idea to post our IMG_4416event on Meetup.com and we attracted several new members to our group.   All together we had 8 women of all ages come together to craft for charity.  We had 1 loom knitter and 3 crocheters working on preemie hats for the University of Chicago Hospitals and The Precious Preemie Project.  We had another 4 women working on sewing pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer.    It was so fun to have such a diverse group of women come together to craft for charity.  The experience level ranged from beginner to experts.  It was a joy to see everyone helping each other out and it seems as though everyone got along wonderfully.  I’m looking forward to our next Charity Night and if you are in the Chicago area, we would love for you to join us too!