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I was just browsing thru my Facebook newsfeed today and a friend shared an article called “Remembering Lacey Holsworth: How 8-Year-Old with Cancer Captured America’s Heart” I don’t really follow college basketball – I know from the headlines which teams are playing, but that would be the extent of my knowledge.  So when this article popped up with a picture of a little girl giving a huge hug to a Michigan State basketball power, I was intrigued.  It was a story about a friendship between a star college basketball player and an 8 year old cancer patient and the bond they developed from the first day they met.  What I didn’t expect was the range of emotions that hit me.  Just 1/3 of the way into the article, I was in tears, extremely touched by the relationship between Lacey and Adreian.

With all the negative news in this world, it was so refreshing to see an incredible story about Lacey’s strength and upbeat attitude on life in the midst of dire circumstances.  It was also refreshing to see the genuine love and friendship that Adreian had for this precious little girl.  He is a college senior and a star athlete headed to the NBA.  But its not his accomplishments that impressed me, but it was his character.  During a time where the glitz and glamour can take over, this young man chose to spend his time with Lacey.  They become friends, he gave her hope and comfort and was like a brother.  She gave him inspiration, courage and strength, the ability to overcome any obstacle.

“The main thing I learned, is that the more you give, the more you receive. Lacey made me a better person. She taught me how to love and how to fight instead of letting things tear you down.

~ Adreian Payne, Michigan State Basketball Player

Thank you Lacey and Adreian for sharing your story.  To Lacey’s family, we are so sorry for your loss, but know you had an amazing daughter that has touched people all around the world.  Thank you for reminding us what is important in life and to focus on what truly matters.

This story has really touched something in my core.  I often am so busy that I miss the small things in life that makes me happy.  Whether is just enjoying the joy and innocence of my children at the playground or a nice dinner with my husband, I know that life is too short and we need to enjoy every moment.  We need to have Lacey’s strength upbeat attitude about life and Adreian’s compassion and generosity.

Lessons from Lacey and Adreian:

1) Often times you will find inspiration and hope when you least expect it

2) Know what make you happy and keep striving for that everyday

3) Pay attention to the little things that brings that smile to your face

4) Focus on the positive and what you can control.  There’ s no point in getting upset on something or someone you have no control over

5) Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

6) Don’t be afraid to give with your whole heart.  The loss may be great, but to experience something so powerful is better than never have experienced it because of fear.

7) Take time to help someone.  We easily get caught up in an egocentric world that we forget that helping others just inspires us to be better