Thank you for reading my blog and learning more about Giving Artfully.  What is Giving Artfully?  It is my way to connect my two passions: crafting and philanthropy.  It is a platform where crafters can find crafting volunteer opportunities and for community organizations to post handcrafted needs.

I am always looking for ways to give back and after spending an evening with a dear friend who is one of the crowdsourcing pioneers, I wondered if this idea could be broadly applied to sourcing products versus money.  Instead of people coming together to finance a venture, why couldn’t people come together to fulfill the crafting needs of an organization?  After many months of thinking of this idea, I decided to put it to action – I would never know if it would work unless I tried.


At Giving Artfully, we aspire to make the volunteering process simpler by:

  • Allowing crafter to easily and efficiently browse volunteering opportunities that fit their skill set thus avoiding the need to visit many separate websites
  • Finding all essential information and requirements for donating (i.e. pattern, yarn/thread type, etc.)
  • Providing the ability to commit to donating on the website

We also aim to be another alternative for community organizations to procure the handcrafted goods they need.


Use this badge on your blog and join the Giving Artfully community and help spread the word.


Here is the html code for the Giving Artfully badge:

<img src=”http://i1282.photobucket.com/albums/a524/sheffmom/GivingArtfullyBadge_zps008df673.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Giving Artfully”/>


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  1. Thank you for following our blog. Keep up all your great work. We look forward to staying connected 🙂 – http://www.chronicleme.com

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